ProDen Plaque Off 60g
ProDen Plaque Off 60g

ProDen Plaque Off 60g

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How does it work?  Dental plaque is made up of a community of microbes that have organized themselves into a complex and tenacious film-a biofilm.

Unlike other methods of plaque control, Pro-Den Plaqueoff Animal works systematically and is thought to disrupt the biofilm, reducing levels of plaque and calculus as well as improving breath odor.  Recent research show that Plaqueoff has a positive effect on plaque and calculus reduction over time.

It is 100% All Natural. 

A 60g bottle may last up to one year for a small dog or cat!

There are no known side effects, however, due to rich iodine content in seaweed , this product is not recommended for animals undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism.

Ingredients:  Dried seaweed meal


"My dog never took well to having her teeth brushed...even with the beef flavoured tooth pastes. I tried Plaque Off and WOW! Her teeth are sparkly white- the vet always comments on how lovely her teeth are even now at 7 years old. So easy, just a sprinkle-a-day.....and no drama." Lory-MacDonald Collingwood, ON, CANADA

"I neglect my cat's teeth, giving her Plaqueoff is something I can do and it works!  Mike-San Diego

"My greyhound had terrible breath and plaque on his teeth. A month of Plaque Off has improved this considerably." Dale-Cleveland OH

"My older dog started having teeth problems. My vet didn't want to sedate him. He gave me Plaqueoff instead. Now my lab is doing great! Tom-Mesa, AZ

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